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Influenced by the country with a long and controversial history, the work of Russian born American artist Lana Dileo celebrates traditions. Classically trained, Ms. Dileo combines the techniques of Old Masters with modern concepts, and realistic approach with contemporary objects, creating unique perspectives and aesthetics in her Art.

Intricate details, masterful translation of various textures, smooth brush strokes, vivid colors that build the light and festive atmosphere in some and subdued hues for understated elegance in the others - those are the qualities of Ms. Dileo's oil paintings.

Lana's multicultural background allows her to create a rich and eloquent world of her own. The series of Still Life paintings "The Poetry of Daily Life" reminds us that we are constantly surrounded by beauty, even in the simple things. 

The artist also works with portraits in oil, charcoal, and terra-cotta, creating powerful images of both well known and ordinary people. Lana Dileo has been a member of numerous exhibitions and recipient of various awards. Her paintings and sculptures are in private collections and on permanent display at the Russian Cultural Center in Washington, DC.

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